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About the UWC National Committee of Canada

The UWC National Committee of Canada (NCC) is a volunteer-based organization responsible for the recruitment and selection of Canadian students wanting to attend UWC, including, but not limited to, Pearson College in British Columbia. The NCC provides support and guidance to the Regional Chapters in Canada's provinces and territories who conduct selection across the country and serve as a hub to provide support to UWC students and their families while attending UWC. The NCC is a developing network for UWC alumni from and in Canada.

Canada first established a UWC national committee in the late 1960's to send students to the first UWC, Atlantic College in Wales. Members of that National Committee went on to help found the second UWC College in the movement - Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific, in 1974. From the mid-70's to 2016, Pearson College served as the National Committee of Canada.  In 2016, the UWC National Committee of Canada was re-established as a not-for-profit charity in Canada. 

Our Purpose:

The UWC National Committee of Canada exists to seek out, engage, and support the people who make up the UWC community in and from Canada. We articulate and make relevant the UWC mission and values in the Canadian context.

Our Principles:

  • Equity and Inclusion: The NCC strives for equity of opportunity and active inclusion of diverse individuals and communities in its work.
  • Transparency and Communication: The NCC is committed to transparent conduct in its activities. To this end, the NCC strives for clear communication (internal, with volunteers, applicants, families, UWC colleges, etc.) as appropriate.
  • Value Relationships and Engagement: The NCC aspires to thoughtful and sustainable engagement with its stakeholders (e.g., volunteers, parents, regional chapters, alumni, etc.). The NCC seeks to be a good partner with Pearson UWC and other UWC colleges.
  • Organizational Reflection: The NCC will draw on its past and change when warranted through institutional reflection at regular intervals.
  • Financially Sustainable: The NCC endeavours to be sustainable with its resources, financial and otherwise.

Our People:

Current leadership of the UWC National Committee of Canada

Jennifer Dueck – Co Chair

Jennifer attended UWC Li Po Chun, worked at the UWC International Office for several years, was responsible for establishing several national committees in the Middle East.  She holds the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in the Modern History of the Middle East and North Africa at the University of Manitoba. Jennifer serves on the Nominations Sub-Committee and has an ex-officio role on the standing committees of the NCC.

Tony Macoun – Co Chair

Tony is the outgoing Chair of the Pearson College Board of Directors, a former Director of Pearson College and founding Rektor of Red Cross Nordic College.  Tony chairs the Advancement & Scholarships Committee and has an ex-officio role on the standing committees of the NCC.

Janis Dombrovskis 

Janis spent 11 years conducting UWC selection in Ontario and is a Project Manager with U of T’s Planning, Design and Construction Department.  He is an alumnus of Pearson College.  Janis serves on the Selection, Engagement & Recruitment Committee as well as the Promotions & Partnerships Committee with the NCC.

Christie Gibson

Christie works as an urban planning lawyer with a national law firm in Toronto, and is the chair of the Promotions & Partnerships Committee.  She also serves on the Nominations Sub-Committee of the Student Engagement & Recruitment Committee.  She graduated from UWC Mahindra in 2006.

Paul Jarvey

Previously the Chair of the Alberta Selection Committee, Paul is now the chair of the Selection, Engagement & Recruitment Committee and serves on the Nominations Sub-Committee. He currently resides in Toronto, and is the Acting Manager, Funding Policy and System Planning at the Ontario Ministry of Education. Paul graduated from UWCUSA.

Mike Lickers

Mike is Mohawk from Six Nations of the Grand River. He founded Ghost River Rediscovery in Calgary and was a trainer at the Rediscovery program at Pearson College.  Mike enjoys returning to Pearson’s campus these days as a leader at the annual PSYL program. Currently, Mike is the Senior Advisor of Indigenous Relations and Community Investment with Suncor.  Mike has taught at the University of Calgary in Education and Indigenous studies, while also assisting in development of Indigenous programming at St. Mary's University. He also teaches internationally with the EU youth in action programs, cultural diversity and Indigenous ways of knowing.  Mike serves on the Promotions & Partnerships Committee.

Jaime Morrison

Jaime attended UWCAC 2006-2008.  She recently received her Masters from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and is an Operations Analyst at Oscar Health in New York. Jaime led the BC Selection Committee for a number of years, and has taken a step back from active selections to serve on the Nominations Sub-Committee of the Selection, Engagement & Recruitment Committee.

Laurence Tremblay

Laurence acts as the official liaison between the UWC Quebec Chapter and the NCC.  She is a PC alumna (PC YR 38) from 2013 and is currently working on a M.Sc. at Université de Montréal with a focus on neuroimmunology research.  Laurence serves on the Selection, Engagement & Recruitment Committee of the NCC.

Nina Moroso – NCC Executive Administrator

After assisting in the development of the NCC in a dual role as Governance Officer for Pearson College and the Coordinator of the NCC, Nina has transitioned to a full-time role as the Executive Administrator for the NCC. She continues to be inspired by the UWC movement and the incredible volunteers she has the privilege of working with every day. 

First in-person meeting of the UWC National Committee of Canada leadership, with guests P. Gardner and C. Baxter.  Missing from the photos is S. Basran and M. Lickers.