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Online Information Sessions

Are you thinking about applying to UWC?

Learn more about our application process and admission requirements, get answers to your questions, and decide whether UWC is the right place for you to do your final two years of high school.

Join us for a free, interactive online information session where you’ll:

  • learn more about the UWC global education movement
  • learn more about our admission requirements and application process
  • learn more about our selections and financial aid process
  • engage with current UWCers and recent Alumni from across Canada and more
  • receive the opportunity to ask questions
  • find out if UWC is the right fit for you

Fall 2022 Online Information Session Schedule

Wednesday, September 7th: What is UWC? ...and is it right for you? (4 pm PDT/7 PM EST)

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Wednesday, September 14th: Applying to UWC: Applications & Selections (4 pm PDT/7 PM EST)

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Mardi 20 septembre - La vie à l'UWC : les études et les activités extrascolaires avec des étudiants actuels de l'UWC (16 h PDT/19 h EST) - en français

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**Wednesday, September 21st - No Online Information Session - it is UWC DAY!**

Thursday, September 22nd - Life at UWC: Academics & Extracurriculars with Current UWCers (4 pm PDT/7 PM EST) - in English

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Wednesday, September 28th: Fees & Scholarships (4 pm PDT/7 PM EST)

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Samedi 1 Oct: La vie à l'UWC : les études et les activités extrascolaires avec des étudiants actuels de l'UWC (8 h PDT/11 h EST) - en français

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Wednesday, October 5th: Ask our Alumni: How do you stand out in your application!?! (4 pm PDT/7 PM EST)

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Thursday, October 6th: Educators and Parents: What is UWC? ...and why should I care about it as an Educator/Parent? (4 pm PDT/7 PM EST)

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Wednesday, October 12th: IB & UWC (4 pm PDT/7 PM EST)

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Thursday, October 6th: Educator Series(9 am PDT/12 PM EST)

What is UWC and why should I care about it as an Educator?

Do you work with students aged 16-19? Do you help guide them towards opportunities like study abroad, scholarships, leadership training, intercultural understanding, conflict resolution, DEIJ conferences and other similar opportunities beyond their current education? If you do, then you need to know about UWC and what it offers to the youth in Canada, and the world!

Join us for a conversation about the UWC education movement, how students can access UWC from within Canada, and how they are considered for scholarships and financial aid to study their final two years of high school with us.  We will thoroughly explain how students are selected and we will also cover some tips for submitting strong letters of recommendation, if you happen to be supporting a candidate this year, this will be great PD for you, and we promise to keep it short and sweet!

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