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Volunteer with us!

Volunteer with the UWC National Committee of Canada 

Are you interested in getting involved with the UWC Canada community? Every year, the National Committee of Canada runs selections, student recruitment, fundraising, student support, social media, promotion, alumni events, orientation and so much more. Every activity is an opportunity to gain new skills, engage with the community, take on leadership roles and get involved! We have different opportunities tailored to your time commitment.

Ready to get started?

On the first Friday of every month, UWC Canada conducts volunteer onboarding webinars for members of the UWC Canada community who want to get involved.

Sign up for upcoming volunteer onboarding webinar session here: 


Help us with recruitment:

The recruitment of applicants is our most pressing need.  If you would like to promote UWC in local schools, youth groups, community organizations, etc., please check out our promotions page for some resources and information.