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How Much Does UWC Cost?

UWC aspires to meet the demonstrated financial need of selected students, and we offer much more funding per student than other international schools. About 75% of Canadian students who attend UWC, do so with some sort of scholarship or financial aid. Given the financial pressures on UWC and the high need of many UWC students, it is a priority for us to make fair assessments of reasonable parental contributions. We are immensely grateful for all contributions we receive from parents: however large or small, these help us meet the needs of our students and secure the future of the UWC movement worldwide.

For Canadians to attend UWC, there are scholarships as well as financial aid available. There are regional scholarship opportunities for students to attend UWC from Alberta, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Yukon. There are also scholarship opportunities available for Indigenous students from Canada to attend Pearson College. Any shortlisted candidate who does not qualify for a scholarship may opt in to the financial aid program. Financial aid is awarded to students based on demonstrated need.

It is important to note that the awarding of financial aid is entirely separate from the determination of a candidate’s merit, therefore financial assessments take place after the selection process is complete. All Canadian students who are shortlisted to attend a UWC participate in a rigorous selection process – and are among the brightest and most promising students in the country. While we aspire to meet the financial need of all shortlisted candidates, we sometimes do not have the available spaces at UWC and/or the funding to send every deserving candidate to a UWC.

The system the NCC uses to assess the financial aid a family qualifies for is similar to the system used by the Canada Student Loan Program and takes into consideration household income, assets and liabilities. Adjustments are made based on region, number of dependents, and other factors.

The chart below provides a summary of typical annual contributions paid by families.  A range exists because of family income, family size, region, and several other factors.  Our goal is to help as many students as possible attend UWC regardless of financial need.  Note that fees vary from school to school across the UWC movement.  So, it is possible that a family contributing $30,000 per year could be covering the full cost of attending at one UWC, while another family contributing $30,000 would still require financial aid.