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We are always looking for people to join our efforts.  If you are interested in recruitment, promotion, selection, event coordination, communications, or have professional skills or services to lend the National Committee of Canada, let us know.

Please download, and complete our Volunteer Application and send to

If you would like to be added to the distribution list for periodic NCC updates, send us an email at our email address above so we can keep in touch.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to assist with selections for student entry to UWC in 2019 (2020 for Waterford Kamhlaba) in various regions of Canada.  Alumni and parents of alumni willing to assist with pre-selection (reading applications - November/December 2018), selections (interviews - January/February 2019), and pre-departure orientation programming (May-July 2018) please complete the application form below and submit to 

We are also recruiting 2 new volunteers to serve on the Board of the National Committee.  Note that suitable candidates for the following positions would need to be elected to the National Committee of Canada Board of Directors. 


The treasurer will oversee the financial matters of the UWC National Committee of Canada in line with good practice and in accordance with governing documents and legal requirements, and report to the Board of Directors at regular intervals about the financial health of the NCC. The treasurer will ensure that effective financial measures, controls and procedures are put in place, and are appropriate for the organization.

As an Officer of the board, the Treasurer has a designated role in overseeing the financial matters of the board and ensuring other directors are adequately informed of financial related issues to ensure good decision‐making. A CPA designation would be an asset.  Previous experience working with not-for-profits in Canada would be preferred.

Promotions and Partnerships Committee (Chair)

The Promotions and Partnerships Committee is chaired by a member of the NCC Board of Directors.  The committee works closely with External Relations staff at Pearson College UWC as well as the Executive Administrator of the NCC.  The committee and is responsible for:

  • Recruitment campaigns and efforts within Canada
  • Internal Communications (updating the NCC community, including emails to current students; and encouraging the NCC community to promote UWC through, for example, schools and local media)
  • External Communications (establishing and maintaining partnerships with sister organizations; and establishing, maintaining, and cultivating promotional relationships)
  • Promotional Materials (creating, updating, and disseminating materials)
  • Progress Monitoring (collecting, analyzing, and responding to qualitative and quantitative data measuring success)

Experience in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, and/or External Relations would be an asset for this role.