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Parent Testimonials

Marika graduated from Pearson College UWC in 2019. A few years before, her brother, Jared was in the inaugural class at UWC Robert Bosch College in Germany. Their mother shared some inspiring words about how UWC has impacted their family.

"I believe Jared’s UWC experience was instrumental in his obtaining a scholarship from the University of Guelph which placed him within the group of Guelph President’s scholars prior to being accepted to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at Atlantic Veterinary College.

This path all began with Jared walking up that long hill in Freiburg. And while it can never be about academic accomplishments only, we have watched him live his happiest years since beginning at UWC RBC.

Having seen the benefits of a UWC education, our youngest child, Marika, applied to UWC also. She was placed at Pearson College and finished her final IB exams in 2019. She too, has been enriched and happy with her 2 years at UWC. We have seen her confidence, skills and knowledge grow while being supported by a wonderful school environment, excellent teachers and an incredible student population. Pearson College fostered for her a place to learn, participate and grow and we couldn’t be happier for her.

And for her too, it is not simply about personal growth, Marika won 4 university president-type scholarships and ended up being awarded the McEuen Scholarship to attend St. Andrews University in Scotland.

While every student, of course, must work hard in order to benefit, the supportive environment provided by UWC creates a place for the students to flourish. We are from the East Coast and a phrase used here is…’a rising tide floats all boats’…I thank you for allowing my children to have a program where they can join the many boats from around the world and to UWC for being the tide that floats them!”

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