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What Does an Ideal Candidate Look Like?

It's hard to describe just one ideal candidate. We seek great diversity and find students of exceptional promise and potential from across the country, regardless of their socio-economic background, politics, religion, ethnicity, ideology, language or gender. Canada is a country filled with diversity. The NCC seeks to identify students who can reflect and represent that multiplicity at UWC.

Here are a few things UWC students tend to have in common:
  • They have the desire to live the life. We practice what we preach at UWC: sustainability, unity, peace.
  • They understand that they grow through laughter–with others, at themselves.
  • They are afraid to fail, but more afraid not to. Those who allow themselves to fail also have the courage to take chances.
  • They are open, a prerequisite for living in close quarters with students from backgrounds and cultures radically different from their own.
  • They're can-do. They like to take initiative and have the commitment to follow through.
  • They have ambition, tempered by modesty.
  • They are competitive–yet realize that collaboration leads to the most creative solutions.
  • They are bright, and quick. The IB program is rigorous.
  • They’re indefatigable and can take care of themselves. Life at UWC, both physically and emotionally, is strenuous.
  • They are determined–the most important factor in predicting success, not intelligence or talent.
  • They have a curiosity that compels them to research anything and everything, yet the discipline to do so with focus.